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Marianne Pinkston, MD and her team of medical professionals provide services ranging from medical diagnostics and therapies, of natural, functional and contemporary origin to weight loss and bio identical hormone therapy to men and women of all ages in San Antonio, as well as the Hill Country. Wellness 4 Life is San Antonio’s premier medical facility for innovative laser skin and anti aging treatments and weight loss therapies. Dr. Pinkston is first and foremost a passionate and compassionate doctor ensuring that every patient is equipped with real life tools and treatments to achieve whole life health.

Wellness 4 Life provides Hormone Therapy that helps Control Mood Swings, Weight Gain, Low Libido, Mental Focus, Sleeping Trouble, and Muscle Mass Loss to the San Antonio, TX area.

Control Mood Swings

Moderate Weight Gain with Age

Increase Low Libido

Improve Mental Focus

Trouble Sleeping

Loss of Muscle Mass

Wellness 4 Life provides services to assist with Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetics using a variety of professional and proven treatment methods. Providing Service to the San Antonio, TX community and area.

Zerona Laser and personalized medical weight loss , body contouring

Fotona Laser skin and lesion treatments

Pharmaceutical grade appetite suppressants and nutraceuticals

Anti aging skin therapy

Snoring and urine incontinence treatments


And more

Wellness 4 Life and Dr. Pinkston aim to go beyond treating the symptoms and fix the underlying source of health concerns through integrative medicine and whole life health treatment. Providing Service to the San Antonio, TX community and area.

Dr. Marianne Pinkston, MD goes beyond treating the symptoms and fixes the underlying source or root of the health concerns many of us face in our high stressed lives.

Patients have direct access to Dr. Pinkston throughout their wellness journey.

Wellness 4 Life has many great staff members like Gina Leonard-Ziino, EMT-LP, RN, FNP-C, who help provide the exceptions health services and treatment we offer. We provide service to the San Antonio, TX area.

Gina Leonard-Ziino, EMT-LP, RN, FNP-C

Gina moved to San Antonio in 2001 to attend University of Texas San Antonio where I was earned Bachelor of Science degree in 2005.  While working at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, my coworkers encourage me to become a paramedic and later supported me as a went for my nursing degree.  The bulk of my medical background is in emergency medicine.  I returned to the University of Texas Health Science Center for my masters program in family medicine where I graduated in 2016.  I enjoy traveling, cooking, and relaxing with a good book.  In the future, I hope to return to school for my masters in business.


Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

Take the first steps towards change and call for your FREE InBody composition analysis. Measure your real time muscle mass , body water and fat mass with our state of the art InBody scale. Our advanced impedance scale also offers a measure of visceral fat as well as subcutaneous fat of the abdomen. If fat weight loss and gain of fat burning muscle mass is your goal step in our powerful tool: The InBody Scale.

Wellness 4 Life is structured in building your best self by combining natural, integrative and contemporary medicine with the most advanced diagnostics technologies on the market.  Customized specifically to each individual, Dr. Pinkston tailors your treatment and screening for your most optimum health, weight, nutrition and plan for longevity with a heart unlike any physician.

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